Burro Days in Fairplay

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Welcome – 2018 Burro Days Visitors!

During the last weekend in July, the Burro Days Festival takes place in Fairplay, Colorado. The center of attention are the pack burro races to Mosquito Pass and back, celebrating the tenacity of the hardworking little animals that were a necessity in mining districts during the gold and silver rushes in the mid- to late- 1800s. The handlers are athletes who train hard for the races, running while leading their persnickety partners over precarious terrain. The races are a proud tradition in the area. Festivities also include pack llama races, outhouse races, and a variety of fun and music for everybody.

This year, I will be joining my publishers at the Filter Press booth, as we “talk history” with friends and visitors, who stop to browse through our library of Colorado historical publications. This year, we will also be celebrating author Lydia Griffin’s beautifully illustrated book, Prunes and Rupe. It is based on the story of a miner and his donkey, and will be introduced and featured in new “storywalk” for visitors to enjoy around town.

Another favorite legend around Fairplay is about Silverheels, a good-hearted woman known for her extraordinary beauty, and her ability to sing and dance. After she selflessly helped miners’ families through a smallpox epidemic in the Fairplay mining district, nearby Mount Silverheels was named in her memory.

To learn more about the life and legend of Silverheels, click on the link below.
“The Place Where Silverheels Danced” is an article by Joyce B. Lohse,
published in Women Out West Magazine, summer 2008.

The Place Where Silverheels Danced

Enjoy! Joyce B. Lohse, 19 July 2018

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