Writing and Research

Adventures in research about Western history extend far beyond books, articles, and the internet. Historical sites, mining districts, museums, archives, and cemeteries, provide a wealth of information about the past through historic artifacts, images, data, narratives, and oral and written accounts. A researcher needs to be diligent, never knowing what will evolve from the hunt. The goal is to identify information that gives substance to the subject and allows the reader a glimple into history. The combination of writing skills and solid research transport the reader back through time.

Biographies by Joyce B. Lohse contain outlooks, images, narratives, and data about pioneers such as Silver Queen Baby Doe Tabor, Railroad Builder General William Palmer, Adventurer Unsinkable Margaret “Molly” Brown, Doctor Justina Ford, Educator Emily Griffith, Miner and Developer Spencer Penrose, Colorado’s First Governor and First Lady: John and Eliza Routt, and others. Enjoy a glimpse into the past by reading about pioneering people, their challenges and lives.


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