Past History

Joyce B. Lohse
Author and Journalist

Past History is alive and well in the American West. Historical sites, mining districts, museums, archives, and cemeteries provide valuable glimpses into the past through artifacts, images, data, narratives, and written accounts. Information and details in context provide perspectives beyond publications and the internet. Diligent researchers discover and evaluate their finds for readers, who enjoy sharing adventures and experiences when reading a good book.

Colorado author Joyce B. Lohse’s writing and biographies are built on research about historical events and people from the early West: Silver Queen Baby Doe Tabor, Railroad Builder General William Palmer, Adventurer Unsinkable Margaret “Molly” Brown, Humanitarian Doctor Justina Ford, Innovative Educator Emily Griffith, Miner and Developer Spencer Penrose, Colorado’s First Governor and First Lady: John and Eliza Routt, and others. Enjoy a glimpse into the past while reading about intrepid pioneers, their lives and adventures. Lohse enjoys lurking in archives, libraries, museums, and cemeteries, searching for new stories, and writing books appropriate for general readers.


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