I combine journalism, genealogy and history to write biographies. My goal is to preserve and share true stories about pioneers and history of the American West through books, articles and presentations.                                    
                                                                                      — Joyce B. Lohse

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  • Spencer Penrose: Builder and Benefactor
    Filter Press 2016
    Spencer Penrose, who acquired a fortune in the mining industry, used his wealth, business sense, and clever publicity tactics to promote and develop the Pikes Peak Region. In addition to the Broadmoor Hotel, he built the Pikes Peak and Cheyenne Mountain Highways, Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Manitou Incline, and other attractions, as well as hospitals, schools, and libraries. The Penrose Legacy continues to support Colorado through the El Pomar Foundation.
  • Baby Doe Tabor: Matchless Silver Queen
    Filter Press 2011 – CIPA Gold EVVY Award, BEST BIOGRAPHY 2012!
    The story of the silver queen of Leadville, Colorado, who went from rags
    to riches, to rags again, and endured life in the mining camp and Denver
    with spunk and pioneering spirit. This is a historic story for a general audience.
  • General William Palmer: Railroad Pioneer
    from “Now You Know Bio” YA series for readers of all ages
    Filter Press 2009 – CAL 2010 Top Hand Award Winner
    Palmer’s biography tells his story as a Civil War hero, founder
    of the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad, founder and settler of
    Colorado Springs and other Colorado cities and institutions.
  • Unsinkable: The Molly Brown Story
    from YA “Now You Know Bio” series for readers of all ages
    Filter Press 2006 – CIPA Silver EVVY Award
    Mrs. Brown’s story cuts through the mystery and myth of her
    life to tell her real story, and of her account as survivor of the
    Titanic disaster and beyond as an activist for many issues.
  • Emily Griffith: Opportunity’s Teacher
    in the YA “Now You Know Bio” series for readers of all ages
    Filter Press 2005
    Emily Griffith always wanted to teach school. With progressive ideas
    for a new type of education, she became founder of Opportunity
    School, a free school in Denver for all who wished to learn.
    She created a highly regarded international model for teaching.
  • Justina Ford: Medical Pioneer
    First biography in the YA series, “Now You Know Bios” for readers of all ages
    Filter Press 2004 – CIPA Silver EVVY Award, WILLA Silver Award
    As the first African American female doctor in Colorado, Justina Ford
    overcame obstacles of race and gender to become the famous lady
    doctor of Denver, who delivered more than 7,000 babies during her career.
  • First Governor, First Lady: John and Eliza Routt of Colorado
    Filter Press 2002 – CIPA Gold EVVY Award Winner
    A general audience book about Colorado’s history through the story of its
    first governor and original first lady, this amazing couple were public servants
    for a quarter of a century while ushering Colorado into statehood and striking
    it rich with their Leadville silver mine.
  • A Yellowstone Savage: Life In Nature’s Wonderland
    J.D. Charles Publishing 1988
    A fictionalized memoir of living and working in the nation’s
    oldest and largest national park in 1973. This is a fun account for Yellowstone
    buffs, and a great remembrance for those who have worked in Yellowstone.
  • A Yellowstone Savage: Life In Nature’s Wonderland
    J.D. Charles Publishing 2013 – Ebook 25th Anniversary edition is
    an updated republished version of Joyce Lohse’s 1988 book, which
    includes more than 60 B/W and color photographs. Electronic ebook
    is available for download at

Lohse’s work is also featured in Pikes Peak Library District
Regional History Symposia and published compilations:

  • Bigwigs and Benefactors in the Pikes Peak Region, PPLD, Spring 2017
    “Spencer Penrose: Ventures, Vogue, and Vagary” by Joyce B. Lohse
  • Film and Photography on the Front Range, PPLD, Spring 2012
    “Artists’ Glen: A Tale of Two Photographers” by Joyce B. Lohse
  • Doctors, Disease and Dieing in the Pikes Peak Region, PPLD, 2012
    “Justina Ford: Medical Pioneer” by Joyce B. Lohse
  • Legends, Labors, and Loves: William Jackson Palmer, 1836-1907,
    PPLD, Spring 2009, “Young Palmer Travels Abroad” by Joyce B. Lohse


Articles in Periodicals:

  • “Leadville’s Favorite Unsinkable Titanic Survivor”
    Colorado Central magazine, April 2012
  • “10 Reasons You CAN Attend a Writing Conference”,
    The Writer magazine, April 2011
  • “General Palmer’s Baby Railroad”
    True West Magazine, March 2010
  • “Retracing the Routts”,
    Steamboat Magazine, Winter, 2010
  • “A Season of Giving, Molly Brown Style”,
    Women Out West Magazine,
    Winter/Spring Issue, 2009
  • “The Place Where Silverheels Danced”,
    Women Out West Magazine,
    Summer Issue, 2008
  • “Sally Skull: Texas Legend”,
    Women Out West Magazine,
    Spring Issue, 2008


Book Awards:

    • Spencer Penrose: Builder and Benefactor,
      Colorado Independent Publishers’ Assoc. CIPA
      Silver EVVY Award, BEST BIOGRAPHY 2017

    • Baby Doe Tabor: Matchless Silver Queen,
      Colorado Independent Publishers’ Assoc. CIPA
      Gold EVVY Award BEST BIOGRAPHY 2012
      Women Writing the West WILLA Silver Award,
      Scholarly Nonfiction 2012

    • General William Palmer: Railroad Pioneer,
      Colorado Authors’ League 2010 Award –
      Young Adult Book Length Nonfiction

    • Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame
      March 2008, Induction for Eliza Routt

    • Unsinkable: The Molly Brown Story
      Colorado Independent Publishers Assoc. CIPA
      Silver EVVY Award

    • Justina Ford: Medical Pioneer,
      Filter Press, 2004, CIPA Silver EVVY Award,
      Women Writing the West WILLA Silver Award

    • First Governor, First Lady: John & Eliza Routt
      of Colorado, 
      Filter Press, 2002, CIPA Gold EVVY Award,
      Best Biography 2003