DurangoMeet Joyce B. Lohse, Author and Journalist
In 1974, we came Out West, newly married, in a Vollkswagen filled to bursting with our belongings. Our journey lacked the difficulty and perils experienced in the 1800s, by pioneers and immigrants in wagon trains, on mules, horseback, and on foot, as well as displaced native tribes. We set out in our little automobile, excited and confident about our prospects, to seek our future and a home in Colorado. With Pikes Peak looming in the distance, we were not disappointed.

Nearly fifty years later, Colorado is still home. We have traveled throughout the western states, absorbing beautiful landscapes and colorful history. As a writer, my research and stories of people and places from the past have been published, preserved and shared in books, journals, and presentations over the years. The stories are abundant, and the adventures continue.


Joyce B. Lohse’s western history research extends far beyond books, articles and internet sites. The author visits historic sites, mining districts, museums, archives, and cemeteries, to find historic objects and images, data, records, and written accounts. When combined with award-wining writing skills, her books and images transport readers back through time for a glimpse of the past.


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