Buffalo Bill Days

Local festivals are a great way to enjoy the Old West. Last weekend, I attended Buffalo Bill Days in Golden, Colorado. A terrific parade almost two hours long brought out the best of local bands, horses, and folks in Western attire and costumes for the celebration. It was great fun to peel myself away from writing and editing to enjoy the sunshine and the sites in the Colorado foothills for the celebration of the pioneer scout and showman, William Cody, who is buried on Lookout Mountain above Golden.

In his day, Buffalo Bill was like a rock star. People came from far and wide to attend his Wild West shows, a combination of Old West, theatrics, and circus. His critics felt that he exploited rather than preserved the Old West. I feel another biography coming on. Perhaps a deeper look at the story while revisiting primary sources will provide some insight.

Perhaps a book about Buffalo Bill is in my future. For now, my days are full will presentation, articles, and tidying up loose ends with Baby Doe. In the meantime, I am grateful to live in a place that allows me to enjoy a glimpse of the old West now and then and enjoy its history.

Joyce B. Lohse, 7/29/10

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Estes Park and Stephen King

100 degree weather in Denver sent me scurrying off to the high country. Luckily, the Estes Park Genealogical Society invited me to speak at their conference on Saturday. It was a fine event —  friendly, well-organized, and productive. I spoke about Pioneer History and some of the research methods I’ve used with much success to learn about the characters for my biographies, and to sort out the truth about their lives from legends which surround…

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Heartland Homeland

Midway through the summer is a great time to regroup, and to return to Illinois for a visit. When I renew family ties, I enjoy and appreciate the grounded feeling of walking on the soil of my ancestors and the land of my upbringing. Fields of corn look splendid, far beyond the anticipated “knee high by the 4th of July.” Sweet corn newly arrived at the farmer’s market tastes a little like heaven. Weather was…

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