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Control Operator:  Don Lohse

Locator:  DM79mn

Latitude:  39° 34’ 0” North

Longitude:  104° 56’ 58” West

Centennial, Colorado  USA

Arapahoe County

I was first licensed as a Novice in 1978 as KAØCHA, living in Colorado Springs, CO. It didn’t take me long to figure out that since I was having such a good time on the air, I needed more operating privileges. I went to Denver in 1981 and passed my Advanced exam, receiving my current call -- KBØKQ.

After moving to Denver for a new job in 1992, I was off the air for 15 years (I hate covenant communities), but in 2007 I decided that I was going to take a chance and put up a ground-mounted stealthy vertical antenna in my back yard and see what happened. So far, so good, with no complaints from my neighbors or the HOA. Yeah! Someday I still hope to live somewhere I can have a directional antenna up in the air, as well as room to string some wire for the low bands.

My main interests are rag chewing, the occasional contest, and chasing what DX I can hear. I keep promising myself to get back on CW, but most of my time these days is spent on the digital modes, with an occasional CQ on SSB. I am all set up to try out SSTV, but just haven’t gotten to it yet. There is a lot of VHF activity here in Colorado (love those mountain top repeaters), and I keep my HT all charged up. If by chance you ever hear NØDNA, that is my wife Joyce who has also had her ticket for 20 years or so.

By the way, the FCC removed the Morse code requirement from the amateur license exams, so if you are interested in getting a license (hams call it a "ticket"), there is one less obstacle for you to get into a fascinating life-long activity.

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