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Cable Madness


A month or so ago, we had to upgrade our satellite receiver/dvr. It came with a short HDMI cable, but I needed a 10' one, so a shopping we will go. I have known for years that one of the biggest scams in technology is cables. Whether it is a USB cable, monitor extension, DVI cable or whatever, the price of these things is silly. The HDMI cables are the worst!

Years ago, when I worked in a computer store, we would throw in printer cables or serial cables with every system sold. The retail value was $25 to $30, but our cost? Less than $5 each. Things haven't really changed that much, and people still are paying big bucks for cables (especially HDMI). There are some standards that cables have to meet to get certification at the various levels of HDMI (1.0, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.4a), but for most of us who are not totally into maximum home theater, it is a better idea to do a bit of web research shopping rather than take the word of the sales person in the store.

Just checking my favorite electronics website ( I have multiple choices for under $10. Just check and make sure they are certified to do 1080p video, and if you need one for your internet ready TV, look for one that has an ethernet cable built in to the HDMI cable (HDMI 1.4). If you have a 3D TV, do a little closer reading of the specs since you may need a HDMI 1.4a cable. My HDMI 1.3 cable is not going to be tugged on at all, so I don't need a real rugged (read thick) cable, but if you are planning on plugging/unplugging all the time, look for one that has a thicker cable.

Don't waste your money, take a little time to check online, and keep some bucks in your pocket.

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