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New Baby Doe Book Arrives!


Baby Doe Tabor:
Matchless Silver Queen

by Joyce B. Lohse


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Publication Date: June 2011
Contact: Doris Baker, Publisher
Filter Press, LLC


A legendary pioneer woman, Baby Doe Tabor, provided us with one of the greatest rags-to-riches-to-rags stories in America’s western history. Award-winning biographer Joyce B. Lohse has written a succinct and fascinating biography set in Colorado’s fabulous days of boom and bust. The story appeals to a general audience and history buffs who appreciate a dramatic story set in the West’s mining past

When a beautiful young divorced woman, Elizabeth Doe, arrived in Leadville in 1880, she immediately stole the heart of businessman, politician, and silver king, Horace A. W. Tabor. Unfortunately, Tabor was already married. Although this did not stop him from involvement with his new young mistress, the damage was soon done to his career aspirations. When Tabor’s riches were spent and his health declined, his enduring wish was for Elizabeth to hang on to his Matchless Mine, believing it would bring pride and riches to the Tabor name and family once again. Would she stay true to his wishes, or seek additional riches and comfort elsewhere?

Through extensive research, the author sifted through myths and perceptions to learn the truth about the silver queen of the Matchless Mine, to determine what was important to her, find her voice, and see inside her heart. Who would have thought that this femme fatale would choose love and value family and home above all other things. She embraced the comfort and stability of nights at the opera with her beloved, and collected recipes for biscuits and breads, and concoctions for everything from whooping cough to hair tonic.

Joyce B. Lohse, a Centennial, Colorado author, combines her degree in journalism and background in genealogy to write historical biographies and articles. Her writing has won awards from the Colorado Independent Publishers Association, Women Writing the West, and a 2010 Award from the Colorado Authors’ League. In March 2008, Lohse accepted induction in the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame for Eliza Routt, the subject of her book, First Governor, First Lady: John and Eliza Routt of Colorado.

Baby Doe Tabor: Matchless Silver Queen,ISBN 978-0-86541-107-4, list price $9.95, is available through your favorite bookseller, or from the publisher, www.FilterPressBooks.com. It is distributed for resale and libraries through BooksWest and Baker and Taylor. To contact author Joyce Lohse, use the "Contact Us" portion of this website.

With Baby Doe Tabor: Matchless Silver Queen, author Joyce Lohse has accomplished something remarkable. Not only has she retold Colorado history's most famous soap opera in terms appropriate for all ages, but she has also presented the notorious 'Baby Doe' as a sympathetic character. Rare is the biography that neither demonizes nor romanticizes Elizabeth Tabor. By focusing on her determination and her devotion to her family, Lohse manages instead to humanize this often misrepresented folk heroine.

Debra Faulkner
Author, Brown Palace Hotel Historian, and
Metropolitan State College of Denver faculty

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