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Upcoming Events & Appearances
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2017: Focusing on Penrose
Spencer Penrose (1865-1939) achieved fabulous wealth from mining development with his business partner, Charles L. Tutt. With no descendants from Penrose Busttheir marriage, Spencer and his wife, Julie, gifted their legacy to the community of Colorado Springs. Black's Law Dictionary describes "legacy" as a gift or bequest by will of personal property. With the establishment of the El Pomar Foundation, their fortune continues to thrive with millions of dollars contributed to Colorado non-profit organizations and projects under the care and astute supervision of Tutt family descendants and trustees.
The Penrose legacy, developments, and involvements in the community take many forms. They include the Broadmoor Resort Hotel and attractions, the El Pomar Foundation and Conference Center, highways built up PikesShrine of the Sun Peak and Cheyenne Mountain, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun, Mount Manitou Incline, Pikes Peak Cog Railway, Pikes Peak International Hill Climb automobile race, Norris-Penrose Event Center and Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo, Penrose Heritage Museum, Penrose House, Penrose Library, Penrose Hospital, Penrose School, the town of Penrose, and others. You get the idea. Julie Penrose was also a philanthropist who supported the arts, education, medical facilities, and Catholic charities. All of this was accomplished while the Penroses lived a full life of travel, hospitality, culture, and humor. Mistakes were made and choices were selective, but the result was a community embellished by many gifts bestowed upon it from the Penrose legacy.
As the 2017 calendar pages turn, new events fill the months ahead. This year, I will be showcasing and sharing the story of Spencer Penrose at several events.
Hope you can join us!
Best wishes for a great year,
Joyce and Don Lohse

Spring 2016



Penrose Arrives!

The wait is over … Spencer Penrose: Builder and Benefactor arrived this week from the printer. With the ink barely dry, the book was delivered in the nick of time for inclusion in the Women Writing the West display for the Public Librarians’ Association Conference at the Colorado Event Center in Denver, April 6-8.

This event is a rare opportunity to exhibit recent titles to a stream of librarians seeking new material. Spencer Penrose is Lohse’s seventh biography published by Filter Press. Joyce will present programs about Penrose, with books available for sale and signing at Fountain Library on April 23, and at the Palmer Lake Historical Society on May 19. Watch for details related to these and other events at www.LohseWorks.com and at www.FilterPressBooks.com. Spencer Penrose: Builder and Benefactor will soon be available through your favorite online outlet or bookstore.
Penrose Book Arrival

Baby Doe Tabor’s Matchless Spirit

Whenever I return to the subject of Baby Doe Tabor, she surprises me in new ways. This year, the Myths and Mysteries theme for the Pikes Peak Library District (PPLD) History Symposium seemed a logical place to revisit stories about the second Mrs. Tabor. As part of a love affair scandal, a rags to riches to rags story, and subject of a book entitled, Baby Doe Tabor: The Madwoman in the Cabin, by Judith Nolte Temple, Tabor’s story continues to be as fascinating and intriguing as any found in western history.

Mrs. Tabor spent the last thirty-five years of her life living alone in the headframe cabin at the mining claim of her famous husband, Horace Tabor, the Leadville Silver King. Although the Matchless Mine was the source of his fabulous wealth, the Tabor fortune was fleeting. Horace Tabor died while Baby Doe was in mid-life. She stuck like glue to her husband’s former property for three and a half penniless decades while living in poverty. Abandoned by her two daughters while losing her ability to think and reason, she was visited by dreams and visions, which haunted her repeatedly, and troubled her mind and spirit.

Joyce Lohse at Baby Doe Tabor’s cabin home of 30+ years

This new presentation shares stories about Baby Doe’s spirit world as they spilled over into modern times. The PPLD History Symposium on Saturday, June 11, provides a great experience for history buffs. Registration is limited. Sign up soon for this free all-day event in Colorado Springs, which includes a light lunch. For information and registration, go to: www.regionalhistoryseries.org . Lohse plans to provide her books for sale and signing at the history symposium bookstore.

Vintage postcard of Penrose’s Broadmoor Resort Hotel



Joyce’s Event Calendar
(always subject to change — check www.lohseworks.com for details)


April 5-8, 2016 – Public Library AssociationNational Conference – Denver Convention Center – Women Writing the West booth

April 23, 2016 – Fountain Library Genealogy Program – presentation"Spencer Penrose: Builder and Benefactor" – 10:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

May 14, 2016 – Colorado Council of Genealogical Societies – Panel of Presidents – Denver Public Library

May 19, 2016 – Palmer Lake Historical Society – presentation –"Spencer and Julie Penrose: Colorado's Community Collaborators"

June 11, 2016 – Pikes Peak Library District History Symposium – presentation – "Baby Doe Tabor: A Matchless Spirit"

October 13-16, 2016 –Women Writing the West – annual conference – Santa Fe, New Mexico – for information: www.WomenWritingtheWest.org


Mark your calendar for public events, and schedule presentations early!




Books by Joyce B. Lohse


Available from local bookstores, filterpressbooks.com, tatteredcover.com, amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com. Distributors for resale are BooksWest and Baker and Taylor

  • NEW!! Spencer Penrose: Builder and Benefactor
    Filter Press 2016
  • Baby Doe Tabor: Matchless Silver Queen
    Filter Press 2011
    CIPA First Place EVVY Award, WILLA Silver Award
  • General William Palmer: Railroad Pioneer
    Filter Press 2009
    CAL 2010 Top Hand Award Winner
  • Unsinkable: The Molly Brown Story
    Filter Press 2006
    CIPA Silver EVVY Award
  • Emily Griffith: Opportunity's Teacher
    Filter Press 2005
  • Justina Ford: Medical Pioneer
    Filter Press 2004
    CIPA Silver EVVY Award, WILLA Silver Award
  • First Governor, First Lady: John and Eliza Routt of Colorado
    Filter Press 2002
    CIPA Gold EVVY Award Winner
  • A Yellowstone Savage: Life In Nature's Wonderland
    J.D. Charles Publishing 1988 - republished as an ebook in 2013. Watch for revised print version in the future.

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Winter 2015


Penrose in Public Art

When writing a biography with a good story to tell, it becomes difficult to patiently anticipate publication. Accuracy is critical, and it takes time. Repeated edits increase chances of finding details and nuggets of information, which will produce a rich blend of western history and engaging storytelling. The launch of my seventh biography, Spencer Penrose: Builder and Benefactor, is expected in early 2016. The results should be worth the wait.

Tutt Penrose CoAlthough we lived in Colorado Springs from 1974 until 1992, I do not recall previously seeing this mural, which decorates the walls of the ghostly Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun, built by Penrose in 1938. In this scene, two men behind the group are patient onlookers of business activity in Cripple Creek in the 1890s. The green sign overhead reads “Tutt and Penrose.” Ironically, the two men standing beneath the sign are Spencer Penrose and Charles Tutt, casually observing the activity taking place in front of their office. The mural inside the Shrine of the Sun on Cheyenne Mountain can take you back in time and history.

As winter closes in, another busy year of book and writing activity is finalized. A fun summer day was spent in the Filter Press booth at Leadville Boom Days. This fall, the Women Writing the West Conference took place in Redmond, Oregon. The conference ended with a day-long tour of the Imperial Livestock Ranch, one of the largest in the west. I am constantly amazed at the continuation of learning and exploration of new places on the writing journey. A drive from Pueblo to Denver with my sister included a side trip for “research” at Penrose’s Broadmoor Hotel. The Broadmoor Hotel and El Pomar Foundation have preserved the Penrose legacy while managing their estate for the benefit of the community. The Broadmoor continues to provide a sanctuary of taste and luxury in cuisine and lodging. The resort is a center for world-class recreation and sports, conferences, and the display and preservation of historic artifacts.

Check the 2016 Event Calendar for announcements, programs, presentations, and appearances in the coming year. The web site will reflect changes as the dates approach.

Stay warm and safe this winter,
Joyce and Don Lohse

Summer 2015


A New Era

In 1997, I joined the Columbine Genealogical and Historical Society (aka: Columbine). When I first began learning new research techniques and standards, something clicked. Penrose CoverIf I combined newly acquired research methods with journalism skills, and a passion for history, I could create something good. In this way, I discovered my niche, writing biographies. It was a good fit.

My seventh biography, Spencer Penrose: Builder and Benefactor, is in the home stretch toward publication. My publisher, Filter Press and I, are examining details and exchanging edits. As for Columbine, I was elected president of that organization this year. I feared the new position might divert time away from creativity. On the contrary, new avenues have opened. While I present news and information to the group, and attend programs, I pick up more skills and marvel at the amount of material and data now available online. While on-site research is still critical, excess trips to remote microfilm readers are no longer necessary.

Columbine audiences are savvy. Several years ago, we collected cheek swab samples to assist early DNA collection studies. Now, as stated in USA Today, you can “spit in a tube to find your long-lost relatives.” Wow. We are still pioneers, learning the ropes, and how to best analyze DNA Helixthe resulting data. A recent afternoon meeting featuring a DNA program topped out with an audience of over 100 people.

I had to try this out. I purchased a DNA kit from Ancestry.com for $99, sent my “sample” through the mail, and received the results. Although they stress that conclusions are strictly estimates, the process is exciting and extremely interesting. After years of work on family history, the results were fairly predictable. My ancestors are predominantly from Great Britain and Ireland, with some from Western Europe. However, an unexpected strong Scandinavian presence took me by surprise. Migration patterns probably led to a historical connection. I have much to learn before I fully understand.

Spring 2015


Winter into Spring

Small Bear JamAccording to news from Yellowstone Park, bears are emerging from hibernation early this year. The groggy animals are confused about the seasons. Is it late winter, or early spring? While the weather fluctuates, activities escalate in the book world as winter lingers into spring.


                          (from National Geographic – May, 1972)

Small Joyce at CCIRA

Last summer began with my Spencer Penrose presentation at the Pikes Peak Library District History Symposium in Colorado Springs. Presenters’ literary papers from this top-knotch annual event are later compiled and published. I planned to spin off a Young Adult (YA) version of the Spencer Penrose story from my presentation paper. Instead, I started from scratch to create a new biography appealing to a general all-ages reading audience. The result: a Penrose double-header!

Summer changed to winter. After the holidays, the new Penrose YA biography was finally ready for submission. I joined up with Filter Press and turned in my manuscript at the Colorado Chapter of International Reading Association (CCIRA) Conference. It was a fun and inspiring day spent talking to clients and readers. Filter Press also recently published new print runs of my books, General William Palmer: Railroad Pioneer and Unsinkable: The Molly Brown Story. Watch for further developments about Spencer Penrose’s story.

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