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In building the website, I tested the pages with a number of browsers, including:

IE 6, 7, and 8. I do not recommend IE 6, and generally, IE 7 and IE 8 were OK. I will be testing with IE 9 soon, but I don't expect any significant issues.

Mozilla Firefox 3.6x and 4.x. All seemed to be OK. I will test Firefox 5 soon.

Google Chrome 11.x and 12.x. All seemed to be OK.

Opera 10.x and 11.x. Some minor issues, including dropdown menus may sometimes be obsured by page content.

Safari 5.x. Basically OK, although dropdown menus may sometimes be obsured by page content.

All the tests were done on Windows 7, Windows XP, and when possible, Windows 2000.

Screen resolutions were 1024 x 768 and 1280 x 1024.

I would encourage you to update your browser,  if not to the latest version, at least no more than one back. This website is built with technologies that reflect current standards in web development, and it defeats the purpose if you continue to use browsers that don't support things like CSS 2/3, XML, or other modern web technologies. Although there are some who fear new technology because it might "break" their computer, a browser isn't a dangerous application. Web developers moving forward, increasing their websites' capabilitues and visual appeal, and are just going to drop support for older browsers. When you try and go to a website that features new technology, you will be out of luck.


A very busy year


So far, this year has been mighty busy at LohseWorks. Once again, the highlight for me was joining the history superstars at the Pikes Peak Library District in Colorado Springs for another amazing history symposium. The program included my presentation, “Baby Doe Tabor: A Matchless Spirit,” followed by a written literary paper based on the topic. As usual, it was a fun and exciting experience to be aligned with top-notch history experts in the Pikes Peak Region.

The following week, I attended my first Western Writers Association conference in Cheyenne, Wyoming. This time I was in the audience, soaking up the wisdom of my heroes and heroines of the literary world. What an inspiration to learn from and discuss writing with talented authors while reading their latest books. I have since finished reading new titles by Sandra Dallas, Anne Hillerman, and one from Craig Johnson’s Longmire series. I look forward to reading more books by friends old and new. At WWA, wisdom and insights were generously shared and greatly appreciated.

Penrose House Entrance SignAs if those experiences were not enough, my seventh biography from Filter Press, Spencer Penrose: Builder and Benefactor, hit the market and began appearing on bookshelves. The birth of a new title is an incredible experience. Publisher Doris Baker and I visited interested merchants where we introduced our latest offering. That day, we were treated to a tour of Penrose House, a former residence of Spencer Penrose, the subject of our book. I was delighted to visit the mansion, owned by the El PomarPortico Penrose House Foundation, and to soak up its history, which was splendidly preserved at every turn.

In May, the Palmer Lake Historical Society gave a warm reception to my new Spencer Penrose program and books. After activities wrapped up for the spring at the Columbine Genealogical and Historical Society where I am president, I began tidying up the debris strewn in my wake at home and on my desk after a busy spring. At the end of July, I will be ready for an outing to Burro Days in Fairplay on July 30. Burro buddies can visit with us about books and history at the Filter Press booth.

The Colorado Authors’ League is teaming up with Denver Public Library for a new Colorado Book Festival on September 10 from 11-4. I will be on a panel about historic biographies. I will speak on a similar topic at the Women Writing the West annual conference, which will converge in Santa Fe October 13-16. Two weeks later, on October 29 at 2 p.m., the Windsor-Severance Library will host my program about Baby Doe Tabor’s spirit world during Halloween weekend.  

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