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Joyce Lohse is available to speak to your group or organization, whatever the size. If you would like to discuss availability and honorarium for a presentation by Joyce, use the "Contact Us" portion of the website.

Past Presentation Topics:

• Mining for the Real Baby Doe Tabor
• Colorado Pioneer History: Truth and Mystery
• General William Palmer: Railroad Pioneer
• Historic Voices: Bringing Genealogy to Life
• Baby Doe's Leadville: and other Colorado Historic Sites
• Pioneer Women: How They Won The West
• Adventures in Freelancing (panel)
• Pioneers Speak: The Craft of Historical Biography
• Justina Ford: The Lady Doctor
• Routts To Colorado: A State Is Born
• Eliza Routt: An Unpretentious Activist
• Red Hot Activism: Molly Brown Style
• A Biography Formula for Genealogists
• Family History: Truth and Mystery
• Lurking in Cemeteries: A Researcher's Guide
• Rock Solid Book Proposals
• A Yellowstone Savage: History in Nature's Wonderland
and more . . . all topics tailored for your organization

Presentation Descriptions:

Speeches by Joyce B. Lohse are appropriate for general audiences, and are appealing to history buffs and genealogists interested in western history and culture. More than a decade of research adventures have gone into these unique and fascinating stories of Rocky Mountain pioneers. Joyce is a lively and interesting presenter who includes many historic images in her instructive PowerPoint presentations. She welcomes questions, and provides books for purchase and signing opportunities.

Mining for the Real Baby Doe Tabor
In her latest book, Baby Doe Tabor: Matchless Silver Queen, award-winning author Joyce B. Lohse gives a biographical viewpoint of Colorado's favorite female mining legend. In her presentation, she reveals how she manages to tell a familiar story in a different light, and her adventures while researching the Tabor family tale so she could find new and interesting perspectives to share with her readers.

Red Hot Activism: Molly Brown Style
Mrs. J.J. Brown, who described generous people as having "a heart as big as a ham", often exercised her own giving spirit during her remarkable life as an activist, philanthrophist, and adventurer. In her presentation, Joyce B. Lohse, author of the award-winning book, "Unsinkable: The Molly Brown Story", shares insights into this interesting character's personality, and dedication to issues and events which extend far beyond her Leadville mining days, Denver social life, and Titanic heroics.

Pioneer History: Truth and Mystery
This presentation includes a variety of Colorado pioneers as researched by award-winning author, Joyce Lohse. She will share some of the treasures of information she has founds while visiting libraries, museums, repositories, and of course, cemeteries, around the State of Colorado. Legendary characters who are subject in Lohse's biographies from Colorado's historical past will be discussed.

General William Palmer: Railroad Pioneer
One of Colorado's most important pioneers was General William Palmer. A Civil War hero, he managed railroad construction to connect the nation with Colorado. He then built his new Denver & Rio Grande railroad company "through the Rocky Mountains, not around them". When Palmer and his wife, Queen, settled in Colorado, cities grew along the railroad routes as the state became settled and grew. In 2010, Joyce Lohse's biography of Palmer won the best YA Nonfiction Book award from the Colorado Authors' League.

Routts To Colorado: A State Is Born
Through the story of John and Eliza Routt, the first governor and first lady of Colorado, the evolution of Colorado from a territory to a state is presented. John Routt was governor three times, Denver mayor, cattle rancher, manager of construction of the state capitol building, and struck it rich in a Leadville silver mine. Eliza Routt was important as the first woman registered to vote, and for her public service in many areas for the benefit of Colorado.

The Tabors' Leadville: and other Historic Sites
Joyce Lohse shares the inside story of Baby Doe Tabor: Matchless Silver Queen, the Colorado legend who fell in love and married the Silver King of Leadville. In this presentation, Lohse will discuss her research journey, and history sites in the mining town of Leadville, as well as some other Colorado summer history destinations.

Historic Voices: Bringing Genealogy to Life
You know the basics. Ancestor trees and family group sheets help organize the data that builds your family tree. How can you bring those ancestors to life? Joyce B. Lohse shares her research methods for bringing characters to life. Her award-winning biographies of western pioneers were created using genealogical research methods which you can apply to your family tree. Find out how she collects and interprets information using genealogical methods to bring characters to life.

Adventures In Freelancing
Joyce Lohse is also available share her knowledge about writing. Her journalism degree background and a lifetime of writing have provided much valuable information for writer's at all stages. Most recently, Joyce participated in a panel about freelance writing at the 2010 Women Writing the West conference in Wickenburg, Arizona.

A Yellowstone Savage: History In Nature's Wonderland
People usually think of outdoor recreation, wildlife, and natural wonders when they think of our national parks. These treasure's also contain many stories about their colorful history, and offer many ways to enjoy and get in touch with their histories. Award-winning author, Joyce Lohse, a "Yellowstone Savage", lived and worked in our nation's oldest and largest national park, and wrote a book about her experiences. She will share stories from Yellowstone and its history.


Reviews of Joyce's Presentations

Thank you for your excellent Justina Ford lecture today. We had about 90 people in attendance, many of whom came out to buy your book soon after you finished. Your talk went very smoothly and was well received. It is always a pleasure to work with a professional like you. We especially appreciated your well-placed humor.

Carol Kennis Lopez, Programs Coordinator,
Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum

I have set up facilities and attended more than 60 presentations for The Highlands Ranch Historical Society. Your presentation was among the best I have seen. Your talk was presented in an easily understood, professional manner that led the audience through your story of several of the Pioneers of early Denver. Your high quality PowerPoint images, complementing your story, were well-organized and to-the-point. You left us eagerly wanting more.

George W. Smith, Technical Information Manager
Highlands Ranch Historical Society
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