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Into the New Year

2017: Focusing on Penrose
Spencer Penrose (1865-1939) achieved fabulous wealth from mining development with his business partner, Charles L. Tutt. With no descendants from Penrose Busttheir marriage, Spencer and his wife, Julie, gifted their legacy to the community of Colorado Springs. Black's Law Dictionary describes "legacy" as a gift or bequest by will of personal property. With the establishment of the El Pomar Foundation, their fortune continues to thrive with millions of dollars contributed to Colorado non-profit organizations and projects under the care and astute supervision of Tutt family descendants and trustees.
The Penrose legacy, developments, and involvements in the community take many forms. They include the Broadmoor Resort Hotel and attractions, the El Pomar Foundation and Conference Center, highways built up PikesShrine of the Sun Peak and Cheyenne Mountain, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun, Mount Manitou Incline, Pikes Peak Cog Railway, Pikes Peak International Hill Climb automobile race, Norris-Penrose Event Center and Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo, Penrose Heritage Museum, Penrose House, Penrose Library, Penrose Hospital, Penrose School, the town of Penrose, and others. You get the idea. Julie Penrose was also a philanthropist who supported the arts, education, medical facilities, and Catholic charities. All of this was accomplished while the Penroses lived a full life of travel, hospitality, culture, and humor. Mistakes were made and choices were selective, but the result was a community embellished by many gifts bestowed upon it from the Penrose legacy.
As the 2017 calendar pages turn, new events fill the months ahead. This year, I will be showcasing and sharing the story of Spencer Penrose at several events.
Hope you can join us!
Best wishes for a great year,
Joyce and Don Lohse

What is LohseWorks?


LohseWorks is the electronic home of author Joyce Lohse and technologist Don Lohse. Both have years of professional experience in their respective areas of expertise, and can provide services to a broad range of individuals and companies.

Joyce is an author of seven books (several of them award winning), an experienced and well-known presenter of Western history and genealogy topics, and has provided pre-publishing services to other authors.

Don has over twenty years of experience in electronic and print publishing, computer hardware and software, as well as providing technical education to large and small groups.

Joyce and Don are a complementary combination of right and left brain skills, making LohseWorks a prime source of information and consultation.




Building the Website


I had never built a website before, and I wanted the site to be up-to-date in terms of technology, so that meant, for example, no frames or tables (unless absolutely no other option), no hardcoding HTML, and using Cascading Style Sheets. I was also hoping not to explode my head since I had to learn Joomla!, HTML, CSS, and all the other web technologies I might need to use, and how everything worked together. How to begin . . .

After a lot of research, I chose to build LohseWorks.com on the foundation of Joomla! open-source content management software. Joomla! uses MySQL database software to hold all the content, and along with the Apache HTTP Server and PHP, dynamically creates the web pages when the user clicks on a menu or link. All the content created for pages is done in Joomla! using either a WYSIWYG text editor or a HTML editor. Joomla! has a large number of users around the world, and an active group of independent developers who create add-on extensions that greatly expand the capabilities of websites built with Joomla! All of the add-on software I have used is open-source, so it it essentially free to use. All of the developers accept donations to support their work. In addition to the core software, this website utilizes the following 3rd party products:

For the front end (what the user sees)

The wonderful AllRounder page template by Juergen Koller at LernVid.com

Single image placement on the Home page and others is done using Simple Image Holder.

The rotating book cover display uses the Ari Soft Cloud Carousel.

The image viewer for the Hubble pictures is the Ari Soft Image Slider

The "Contacting Us" page was done with Fox Contact Form

For all the weather related content, I used eWeather, which gets data from The Weather Channel.

The "Order from LohseWorks" form was created using the Custom HTML Advanced module.

"Find Joyce on Facebook" uses Find Us On Facebook but was modified a bit to replace "us" with Joyce.

The "Life is hard" quotes come from a www.brainyquote.com rss feed.

For the administrator back end (what helps me build and maintain the site).

The main core software is Joomla! 1.6.4, and it has a lot of features built in.

Gathering site usage statistics is done by j4age.

To create and edit text content, JCE is my WYSIWYG editor

Site backup (I did this every day during construction!) is done using Akeeba Backup.

Creating and sending newsletters is accomplished with AccyMailing.

I evaluated a lot of software while building this site. Did I make the perfect choices? I am sure some might disagree with my choices or how I designed the site. That's fine with me, since I encourage anyone to use Joomla! or a similar software to build their own site any way they would like. If you have questions about what you see, drop the webmaster a mail.




Joyce's New Articles


The April 2012 issue of The Writer (their 125th Anniversary issue) contains an article by Joyce B. Lohse entitled "10 Reasons You Can Attend a Writing Conference". The article appears on pages 28-29. Read more about this publication at: www.WriterMag.com.

Also, watch for Joyce's article, "Leadville's Favorite Unsinkable Titanic Survivor" in the April issue of Colorado Central magazine. Learn more about Colorado Central at: www.cozine.com.


Joyce wins Silver WILLA Award


Women Writing the West, a national non-profit writers’ organization, announced winners of their annual WILLA Literary Awards this week. Centennial, Colorado author, Joyce B. Lohse, was honored to receive the Scholarly Nonfiction Finalist Award for her biography, Baby Doe Tabor: Matchless Silver Queen, published by Filter Press in 2011.

WILLA awards will be presented during celebrations at the Women Writing the West annual conference. This year, the conference is scheduled for October 19-21, 2012, and will be held at the Hotel Albuquerque in New Mexico.

Lohse, a longtime member and administrator for Women Writing the West, is thrilled and honored by the prestigious award, which is highly regarded in the writing community. She quipped that Baby Doe Tabor loved silver, and would be pleased with the new silver award emblem on the cover of her book, which also received the gold award from the Colorado Independent Publishers’ Association EVVY award for Best Biography earlier in 2012.

2012 WILLA Winners and Finalists:

Winner: "Wrecker: A Novel" by Summer Wood
Finalist: "Fracture" by Susan Cummins Miller
Finalist: "Seance in Sepia" by Michelle Black

Winner: "Rightful Place" by Amy Hale Auker
Finalist: "Light on the Devils: Coming of Age on the Klamath" by Louise Wagenknecht
Finalist: "Bull Canyon: A Boat Builder, A Writer, and Other Wildlife" by Lin Pardey

Winner: "Recollecting: Lives of Aboriginal Women of the Canadian Northwest and Borderlands", edited by Sarah Carter and Patricia McCormack
Finalist: "Baby Doe Tabor: Matchless Silver Queen" by Joyce B. Lohse

Winner: "The Bride's House" by Sandra Dallas
Finalist: "Mercury's Rise" by Ann Parker
Finalist: "A Race to Splendor" by Ciji Ware

Winner: "Married Into It" by Patricia Frolander
Finalist: "The Singing Bowl" by Joan Logghe
Finalist: "Dirt Songs: A Plains Duet" by Linda M. Hasselstrom and Twyla M. Hansen

Winner: "The American Cafe" by Sara Sue Hoklotubbe
Finalist: "Captive Trail" by Susan Page Davis
Finalist: "Unbridled" by Tammy Hinton

Winner: "The Year We Were Famous" by Carole Estby Dagg
Finalist: "Forgiven" by Janet Fox
Finalist: "A Book for Black-Eyed Susan" by Judy Young

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